A Night to Remember

The Orient Insurance annual trip took place on the 27th & 28th of July. One of the most anticipated events in the Orient calendar, this event is organized by the OIRC annually. The Orient Insurance Recreation Club was formed 5 years ago with the objective of increasing employee interactions within the company. Sales and underwriting staff from all over the country gathered on a single weekend to experience a “Hawaiian Weekend” in down south Sri Lanka.

The venue was hotel Insight, in Ahangama, a small seaside town in the district of Matara famous for its sunny weather and surfing waves that sweeps toward the sandy beaches. Employees checked in to the hotel in true Hawaiian style with a warm “Aloha” welcome and a flower garland. After being hosted to the buffet for lunch everyone took to their rooms to freshen up and get ready for the real event which was to commence at 6.30 pm at the hotel’s outdoors.

What followed next was pure entertainment and fellowship. Dishes of scrumptious meals were tossed over heads accompanied by the clattering bottles of drinks, music and dancing putting everyone into a jolt by excitement. The enjoyment and amusement went on to the wee hours of the night sending ripples of joy onto stressed out souls.

The Recreation Club had done it again, keeping true to its legacy, a truly memorable event came to pass rekindling anticipations of what’s to come next before the end of this year.


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