liability insurance

Liability is a form of insurance designed to indemnify an Assured against payouts made to 3rd parties by way of compensation in respect of damages and/or losses arising from death, bodily injury & property damage.

Liability Insurance is centric to liability assumed by a person or an entity in the course of its dealings arising out of lack of skill, care & judgment commonly known as ‘breach of duty of care’. Any financial losses arising from breach of duty of care and having to be paid persons affected is indemnifiable under Liability Insurance policy. This includes the award of compensation, defense & claimant’s costs.

Public Liability Insurance

The policy covers legal liability for Accidental Property Damage of and/or Death/Personal Injuries to Third Parties arising out of operation of the insured business within the Territorial Scope. The policy specifically excludes liability arising out of products being sold, supplied or professional services rendered by the Insured, loss or damage to property belonging to or in the care, custody or control of the Insured, and liability to employees against occupational accidents/injuries. 

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Products Liability Insurance

This cover can be granted as an extension to Third Party Liability Insurance to protect against legal liability to Third Parties for property damage and/or death/personal injury arising out of defects in the products sold, supplied or manufactured by the Insured.

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